Here's the acceleration table from the Day 10 - Cruise Control chapter

for those of you having difficulty seeing it on your e-reader


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The Ecstasy is a Trademark of The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Company.

Disclaimer- Be prepared to live it.™is a Trademark of The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Company. It is a figure of speech.
It does not imply, promise or guarantee that the purchaser of the novel The Ecstasywill go or be on or recieve a ticket for a real cruise on a space cruise ship. For more info see legal.

Courtesy note - The phrase "a crew out of this world" is used in its tradition sense to mean extraordinary. The Author doesn't want potential readers to get the incorrect idea it means aliens from outer space. All of the crew are humans.
This note was provided to avoid possible disappointment by potential readers who might look forward to alien crew members.

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