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General Staff

1.       Philip Sherwood                                               Captain of The Ecstasy

2.       George Simmons                             Chief of Engineering

3.       Charles Tucker                                  Chief of Security

4.       Ellen Buttersworth                          Senior Executive Host

5.       Alicia                                                      Senior Harmony Assistant and Zen Master

6.       Sam Aberhill                                       Cruise Morale Counselor and Zen Master

7.       Smith                                                    First Mate and Pilot

8.       Shelby Porter                                    Senior Navigator

9.       Ensign Brownhand                          Bridge Ensign to the Captain

10.   Renswald                                            Bridge Communicator

11.   Ones And Zeroes                             Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer

12.   Zena                                                      Senior Sex Companion

13.   Stevie                                                   Senior Electromechanical Technician

14.   Ravi Kristanampariswaminati      Ship Biologist

15.   Dr. Mohandi                                       Chief Physician and Director of the ship hospital

16.   Latricia Michaels                               Senior Radar Technician

17.   Lambert                                               Senior Gravity Engineer

18.   Gregory Jones                                   Senior Propulsion Engineer

19.   Sabella Topu                                      Senior Radio Operator

20.   Joe                                                         Junior Electromechanical Technician

21.   Carol Bennett                                    Staff Psychologist

22.   Jorj                                                         Proprietor of Pluto’s Peruvian Café

23.   Trenton                                                                Engine Room Senior Engineer

24.   Wilkins                                                  Engine Room 1st Engineer

25.   Kelly Fang                                            Navigation Hardware Specialist

26.   Arianna Stevens                                               Senior Security Systems Analyst

27.   Bojo Yates                                           Communications System Operator

28.   Rachael Topaz                                   Senior Computer Operator

29.   Frans                                                     Ship Photographer

30.   Erin                                                        Nurse

31.   Rick                                                        Male Sex Companion

32.   Jain                                                        waitress

33.   Karol                                                      waitress


Staff only mentioned in the story

34.   Sergio                                                   masseur

35.   Amy                                                       Career Counselor

36.   Cassandra                                           Tours Hostess

37.   Ward Vook                                         Electromechanical Technician

38.   Pat                                                         cable installer

39.   Heather                                               wire harness tech

40.   Jack Devalle                                        welder



1.       Charles Pepperwinkle                    Police Chief

2.       Peter Fonsberry                                               Police Captain

3.       Robert Jacobs                                    Detective

4.       Tom Randall                                       Detective

5.       Brad Cooper                                       Junior Detective

6.       Midge Sinclair                                    Officer



1.       Coleman                                              Captain                                 3rd Eye 

2.       Jeff Greene                                        Lieutenant                          Killer

3.       Diane Lance                                        First Sergeant                    DL or Dragon Lady

4.       Jose Rodriguez                                  Corporal                               Hammer

5.       Mandy Hornsbee                             Corporal                               B4

6.       Kurt Hanson                                       Corporal                               Nitro

7.       Cliff Trane                                           Lance Corporal                  Moose

8.       Kareem Diggs                                    Private First Class             Shrap

9.       Rajeem Kababi                                  Private                                  Night Stalker



1.       Trish Sherwood                                                Captain Sherwood’s wife

2.       Megan                                                  Trish and Captain Sherwood’s daughter

3.       Moniqué                                             voice of Chelsea (ship computer) Former Senior Programmer

4.       Jerome                                                 Marketing Executive

5.       Veronica                                              Marketing Executive

6.       Carolette                                             English Tutor, Translator

7.       The McPhersons

a.       Kevin                                     husband, father

b.      Michelle                               wife, mother

c.       Brennan                               son 15

d.      Lisanne                                 daughter 13

8.       Thomas Black                                     Pediatrician

9.       Tim                                                         boyfriend of Kathy 16

10.   Kathy                                                    girlfriend of Tim 16

11.   Hendrick                                              Dutchman, boyfriend of Beatrice

12.   The Montagues

a.       John                                      husband, father

b.      Rachael                                wife, mother

c.       Steve                                    son 8

d.      Patrick                                  son 7

13.   Sandy Chang                                      woman from Hong Kong

14.   Manuel Sanchez                               Brazilian herbal merchant

15.   Civil Rights Club

a.       Larry Conners                    Atlanta, GA

b.      Susan Fitzpatrick              Boston, MA

c.       Vladimir Bykovsky           Pechora, Russia

d.      Sanja Mehta                      Delhi, India

e.      Shakira Jones                     Newark, NJ

f.        Karin Vervoot                    Holland

16.   Erica                                                       friend of Sheila 19

17.   Sheila                                                    friend of Erica 19

18.   The Beechtrees

a.       Greta                                    wife, mother

b.      Jack                                        husband, father

c.       John                                      son 13

d.      Gerald                                  son 10

e.      Chloe                                    daughter 8

f.        Samantha                            daughter 5

19.   Malvin Cragbranch                          writer for the National Enquirer

20.   Sister Rachael Parks                        Minister of the Divine Lord Baptist Church

21.   Clara Stonemill                                  member of the Divine Lord Baptist Church

22.   Lisa Perez                                            friend of Kaitlyn – high schooler

23.   Kaitlyn                                                  friend of Lisa Perez – high schooler

24.   Bob Hancock                                      Carpenter

25.   Arts & Crafts Club

a.       Loraine

                                                               i.      Cliff                        Loraine’s son 10

                                                             ii.      Jake                       Loraine’s son 7

b.      Cheryl

c.       Candice

d.      Patty

                                                               i.      Shawn                  Patty’s son 16

                                                             ii.      Clair                       Patty’s daughter 14

                                                            iii.      Tommy                 Patty’s son 11

26.   Stefen Leederstan                          undisclosed

27.   Michael Xing                                      Actuary

28.   Saffron                                                 Michael’s daughter 11

29.   Mathew Breckenridge                   Real Estate Developer

30.   Sheryl Breckenridge                       clonebot of Mathew’s deceased wife

31.   Route 66 Club

a.       Joe Chestnut                     husband of Rosemary 50’s           Missouri

b.      Rosemary Chestnut        wife of Joe 50’s                                 Missouri

c.       Leo Rickshaw                     husband of Cindy 30’s                    Arizona

d.      Cindy Rickshaw                 wife of Leo 30’s                                Arizona

e.      Rainbow                              hippie hitchhiker 70’s                     Ohio

f.        Sam Blue                             singer, guitarist 43                           West Virginia

g.       Tom Kent                            owner of ’56 Corvette 20’s          Connecticut

h.      Serenity                               Monica’s partner 30’s                    Florida

i.         Monica                                 Serenity’s partner 20’s                  Oregon

32.   Physics Club

a.       Frederick Claymore         Astrophysicist with Cal Tech and Interstellar Navigation Systems Corporation

b.      Phil Dexter                          Propulsion Engineer with Nova Propulsion Systems

c.       Adrianne Teere                Atomic Physics Professor SUNY Stony Brook, NY

d.      Margo Delacorte              Electromagnetism Physicist at MIT

33.   Lee                                                         gender bender

34.   The Welch Girls

a.       Nikki                                      mother of Nichole 55

b.      Nichole                                 daughter of Nikki 37

c.       Kristal                                    daughter of Nichole 17

d.      Harmony                             daughter of Nichole 14

e.      Tabatha                                daughter of Kristal 3

35.   Chuck Cornwall                                 undisclosed

36.   Miktasha                                             mother of Mikael 32

37.   Mikael                                                  son of Miktasha 17

38.   Rodney Northtrend                        undisclosed

39.   Wendy Northtrend                         undisclosed

40.   Julianne                                               girlfriend of Jamie high schooler

41.   Jamie                                                    boyfriend of Julianne high schooler

42.   Lonna                                                    girlfriend of Tony high schooler

43.   Tony                                                      boyfriend of Lonna high schooler

44.   Robbie                                                  client of Zena’s

45.   Steve Kettle                                       Anthropologist and Sociologist



1.       Martaduke

2.       Takron


Lead Pirates

1.       Captain Lillian Fisher

2.       Reginald Pinegrove



1.       Beatrice                                               Hendrick’s girlfriend on earth

2.       Kalbirt Van Baarstook                     VP of Netherlands BeamShip Company

3.       Tammi                                                  Madam at Electra Escorts



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