The Ecstasy Glossary- ver 1.1 Feb 14, 2013  Copyright Norman John

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ABC’s – the bra cup sizes A, B and C


air kiss – making a kiss to a person who is a distance from the kisser as when

blowing a kiss but without an accompanying hand gesture


algorithm – equation or formula for calculating, understanding or predicting

something;  an equation or formula written or used in a computer program

to make a machine perform in a certain manner;  algorithms or heuristics –

patterns or profiles that would indicate the code is dangerous or malware


API – application programming interfaces – specifications on how application

programs can communicate and interact with operating systems


ASBW – alien substance blood work


ASR Alpha Charlie Foxtrot four niner six rev Bravo - military speak for Approach

Security Routine ACF496 revision B


AU – astronomical units – the distance from the sun to the earth or approximately

93 million miles


Ballistic – using metal bullets or shells rather than focused energy beams


batch – a brew, keg or cask of a blend of a wine, beer or liquor. Used

metaphorically here


Beam – understanding or data about something


Bias – an imbalance or flaw in the wheel that could reduce the odds of

the ball landing on a particular number


bioparameter – instruments to record behavior of the body such as heart rate


BIOS – basic input output system – the basic code stored in the computer for

interacting with input and output devices like keyboard, mouse and printer; 

basic input, output system – base software code that regulates communication

between the computer and input and output devices


biosphere – a domed or enclosed structure to allow animals or humans to live

in a habitable environment within an uninhabitable environment


bit and byte – a bit is the smallest value of computer code, typically a 1 or 0.

A byte is considered the smallest number of bits needed to represent a computer

text character. Often this has been 8 bits


blog – internet bulletin people can share ideas on, instantly, real time


Boot – the core computer code stored on the computer or on a removable drive

that gets it running enough to allow loading up an operating system like Windows,

Linux or the Apple OS


boot system – the basic, core computer program that is included with the computer

hardware system that allows it to run the simple set up and installation routines needed

 to install an operating system


botdolls – sex dolls with mechanical robotics so they can behave as if alive – talk,

moan, blink, fake orgasm etc.


breadboarded – creating a makeshift electronic circuit and circuit board on a

blank circuit board full of holes for inserting and soldering on components and wires


breadcrumbs - a trail of one’s actions


Brig – ship jail


bunk – sleeping area or bed


buzz – call someone on their phone


BW billion watts


Calathium – a mineral mined on Uranus and normally used for creating metallic

 alloys with better anti-corrosion characteristics against salt water


cangis – Computer Associates Northrop Grumman Information Systems root

directory; sff – secure file format


CapCom – Captain-Computer


cc’s – sends a copy of the message to other people. Originally from “carbon copy”

 when secretaries or typists would make additional copies using carbon paper.

First adopted to email


CCSC – CapCom Sync Chamber – the small chamber Captain Sherwood sits in to

 get in intimate communication with the ship computer Chelsea


C4 – plastic explosive that can be used to breach an armored door


Che Suan – pronounced “chay shwan”


chill – relax and unwind, mellow out


China Lake - Naval Air Weapons Station located in the Western Mojave Desert region

of California


clique – a small group of people that keeps to themselves and often excludes others

it feels are inferior


cluster grenade – a grenade that bursts scattering several smaller grenades to cover

a larger area, copied from the cluster bombs of the 20th century


codec – algorithm or equation, method etc of encoding and then decoding digital

 transmissions from one format or language to another so another type of device

can understand it; methods or formats for compressing and then decompressing digital files


codesmith – computer programmer


Comm – short for communication


command prompt- on computers before the invention of a graphic user interface (GUI)

that uses a mouse and icons to click on to command the computer. A command or

instruction was typed on the keyboard to tell the computer what to do. Technicians

still access this to troubleshoot or control the computer at a base level below the GUI

based operating system;  a line on a computer screen where the computer operator

types in the next computer command. The screen only shows lines of text, no graphics,

and gives direct control of the basic computer operating system functions and routines

and direct access to all files and data storage devices or drives on the computer


compiler – a computer program that takes high level computer language that uses

common English words and translates it into the machine language the computer

microprocessors can understand


concourse – a coming together or meeting


coons – informal for raccoon


copy – in this case the word copy as a question is a way people on radio ask the other

person they’re talking to if they heard and understood or duplicated what the person

said. It’s used a lot because radio transmissions can be very staticy or of poor quality

sometimes depending on weather and natural and man made obstructions impeding

the radio waves as they pass through the air


CPU – central processing unit. The main integrated circuit chip that processes the

computer program code


CRAP – Client Requested Ads Pushed – ads pushed or sent to the client’s PDA on

a regular basis based on their previous purchases, searches, inquiries, preference

settings and digital social discussions


DA - Daily Agenda – a staff personnel’s daily calendar of events and duties, as

organized in their Digital Assistant


DA – driver’s assistant – helps keep the kids from misbehaving on the bus


decel – decelerate once they’ve reached half way between Jupiter and Saturn

to slow down from roughly 20 million mph to orbit velocity


die – the silicon or other semiconductor chip that the processor circuits are

etched into


discombobulation – severe confusion


disingenuous – false or pretended frankness


Dress Blues – Blue Dress Uniform – Formal uniform of the U.S. Marines


DSPs- digital signal processors – microchips that process digital data zooming

to and from other computer microprocessors and circuits


ecliptic – the plane or disc that the earth seems to be on as it revolves around

 the sun. This word is used also to denote the plane of the solar system as an

average of the planes of all the planets rotation around the sun, otherwise

known at the invariable plane. This is harder to calculate so often the ecliptic is

used for reference


ECSC- Earth Coalition Security Commission


editor – allows a programmer to look at the lines of code of a computer program


EEWFM – electron electromagnetic wave frequency modulation


efficacy – effectiveness of something


egress – an exit or way out


e-mag – digital version of a magazine stored and read on a digital tablet


EPROMs – erasable programmable read only memory


Escape Line – point where The Ecstasy can escape the pull of the solar system

and can attain the speed of light and faster


ETA – estimated time of arrival


euphemistic – words used to make something nasty not sound so nasty


evac – evacuation


Exsula Iridesca – the original superfood. The original product was called Excela.

Iridesca is the ultimate blend created in the 1990’s


firmware – software loaded into EPROMs –that normally don’t accept frequent

changes in code or files. Used for controlling basic functions of the computer


flashbang – a grenade that makes a loud bang-explosion noise and blinding flash

of light to stun an enemy in close quarters, without injuring anyone, in case there are friendlies or hostages in the area


FPS – first person shooter – name for computer games where the game player

controls the actions and movements of a soldier or hero from the viewpoint of

that soldier’s eyes and they run around in a virtual 3D environment through

buildings and outdoors environments shooting at monsters or bad guys that

come out from hidden positions attacking them


FTL – faster than light – technology allowing spacecraft to travel faster than light


FU – frequency underground – a technique invented to transmit radio communication

through space at faster-than-light speeds


FUBAR – fouled or fucked up beyond all repair


G – friend; gang friend or buddy (urban slang)


Gateway routers – computer devices responsible for connecting sections of

computer networks


GUI – graphic computer interface that uses the icons and mouse to command

the computer its next instruction


GMT - Greenwich Meridian Time – The time in the British town Greenwich


grunts – Marines;  enlisted soldiers


hacking – modifying an electronic circuit, gadget or computer program to function

in a different manner than originally intended


head – bathroom on a ship


Heaven’s Scent – the ship’s professional sex service center


HG – horizontal gravity used to counteract G forces of acceleration and deceleration


homeboy – good friend, best friend, friend from hometown


hook up – start dating and having sex


HUD – heads up display – a video display incorporated into a windshield of an

craft or visor of a helmet displaying an image or information


Humbert Humbert - the main character in Lolita who had a long sexual

relationship with his 12 year old stepdaughter


Hyperextended - Having a characteristic of capacity way beyond any previous

standard capacitor, by using cutting-edge engineering, manufacturing materials

and techniques


hyper-photonic – faster than light speed (referring to light particles called photons)


I.F. – If Factor – that unpredicted or undetected bad factor or condition that

can cause something to go wrong


impervious – resiliently (with great strength and resistance) unaffected or

uninfluenced by


intel – intelligence surveillance, spy or scouting information about an enemy


interstarlactic – from another star system or solar system


intranet – a network similar to the internet but all of the nodes or terminals on

it are within a small area like an office,  building or ship and it’s normally not open

to the public


ISA - International Security Agency


ISCC - International Space Command Center


jarhead – enlisted marine


Jesus - A necklace with a crucifix charm hanging off the bottom


Jupiter Juice – a liquor made from aηaν, jaηaν and juηara fruits and berries


keelhauled – tied to a rope and dragged under and across the keel of a wooden

sailship as punishment


KR – a brand of manufacturer of bowling balls


K2 – 2nd highest mountain on earth – Pakistan/China


leap – a group or herd of leopards. Usually leopards are solitary


leg - The next section of travel on their route to Saturn


Loctite – a liquid that hardens into a plastic-waxy seal that makes it difficult for

a screw to turn or loosen


Lunar Limonade - a natural breakfast juice made from lime, lemon  and orange juice


LZ – landing zone or point of infiltration of the ship


magnetosphere – a magnetic field spreading out from the planet’s magnetic field

created by charged particles passing through it, from solar winds and such


Malware – any computer code illegally installed into a computer system to

compromise it’s safety and security; unauthorized code added to computer

software to cause problems or dangerous conditions



Martian Mary – a Bloody Mary cocktail using salt and spice

from minerals mined on Mars, giving it a distinct flavor, some say has an aphrodisiac



masked, spoofed – when the true source of a phone call, email, text message or

other electronic or digital communication is hidden by systems or software

designed to make tracing difficult or impossible


masseur – male massage therapist


M82 – Barrett anti-material rifle for penetrating armor (not to be confused with

the brand Berretta, maker of the pistol)


mic – microphone


misogyny – hate and mistreatment of women and girls


mod – modified version


moi – French for “me”. Pronounced “mwah”


Montauk Point – the very end of Long Island, New York


MTBF – mean time between failure – statistic used from past test failure rates

to predict future failure eminence


MW mega or million watts


native – without using an emulator or translator to convert to run on other OS



nav tech – navigation technology


nefarious - having fame due to bad deeds done


noner - Made up humorous version of none meaning more none


OEM – original equipment manufacturer – the companies that originally designed

and manufacture equipment before it is combined with other equipment or modified

for more specific, custom purposes


on-die ROM – read only memory (can’t be changed or deleted) etched into the

CPU semiconductor chip


Ones And Zeros – the most basic, raw, low level computer code is called machine

code and consists of the only data a computer really understands – 1 and 0, in

binary systems and Boolean algebra or logic. Electro-mechanically regarding

computer circuitry it means on and off or a voltage (1, 2 or 5 volts etc.) and zero voltage


OS – operating system – the main software loaded into a computer to allow it to

function and to run application programs


outness - Something that is not the way it should be


PA – Passenger Agreement


P.A. – Public Announcement broadcast that is played on all speakers in the ship


 PCD - Personal computing device


PDA – personal digital assistant


Peta – a million billion or a thousand trillion– from computer science: mega-million,

giga-billion, tetra-trillion, peta- a thousand trillion, each next size up being 1000 of

the unit before it


piqued – excited or aroused


Pliginiforisity – inexcusable laziness, insanity and stupidity disguised as genuine

mental illness, created and induced by Psychiatrists and their Psychotropic drugs

and theories that were purported to help with the bogus, fraudulently diagnosed

 mental illnesses they claimed most people had


Pluridium nitrate – radioactive material used for some of the fission reactors


port – left side of ship while facing towards the bow or front of ship


porting out – translate the code to a different language for a different operating

system or CPU type


prodigious - extraordinary in size, amount, extent, degree, force, etc.


psychbots – a term coined by American Philosopher Norman J. Schoonebeek

 to describe people treated by Psychologists and Psychiatrists with psychotropic

drugs and false data about life, so they would cause confusion, accidents, calamity

 in their family, work and social life, henceforth making people feel they need

Psychiatrists and their “happiness pills” to handle all the insanity that the Psychiatrists

were actually creating and causing and injecting into society via the psycbots

they created. It’s coined after the term computer “bot” which is a program or

malware installed deeply into personal computers and takes over control of it.

With psychbots the person messed up by Psychiatry goes back into society and

 causes continual aggravation and frustration for normal, sane, responsible,

 hard working taxpayers, by their intensely annoying, illogical and stupid demands,

complaints, comments, beliefs, disaster-causing-actions and their cowardness,

laziness, irresponsibility and unquenchable thirst for sympathy and pampering

because of what a poor victim they are because of how much they’ve supposedly

been mistreated by everyone under the sun. You’ll know one when you meet one.

Don’t do to them what you start to feel like doing to them. You’ll end up in jail.


push-pulls – electromagnetic and gravitic plates designed to attract or repel

 other waves from other sources such as celestial bodies in outer space


QC - Quality Control


randomity – unpredictable motion of particles moving around in a space


Real Dolls – very realistic looking sex dolls


relay – an electronic component that pass on an electronic signal from

one device to another


Repair Res – a reservation correction of an error


reps – repetitions of a weight lifting exercise or motion


resigned – having given up a struggle and reluctantly given in to an

opposing force or idea


retort - to answer back sharply, argumentively


ribbing – teasing


ROI - Return On Investment – how much profit a company makes

compared to the cost of a purchase of a service or product such as

an advertising campaign


SAPHEI - Semi-armor piercing high explosive incendiary


SAVI – sub-atomic vibration imaging system – analyzes the biological

and structural integrity or status of a part of the body by equipment

which is sensitive to the vibrations of the subatomic particles making

up the molecules of the body part. Pronounced “savvy”


serendipitous - a description of a religion’s beliefs coming upon wonderful

opportunities one was not specifically looking for


sextillion – a very large number 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


sff – secure file format


shrinkwrap - plastic wrap that shrinks and gets really tightly wrapped

around a boat to protect it while stored outside


smock jock – scientist wearing lab coat and typically wearing thick eyeglasses


SNAFU - a mess-up or blunder – situation normal, all fucked up


snow on the roof doesn’t mean there’s no fire in the furnace – just because

a person has grey or white hair doesn’t mean they don’t have sexual

desire or activity


solar systemic – something in, or having to do with our solar system


Sound Technician - Listens for sounds that indicate possible approaching

 or hidden enemy ships or space craft


spacecation – vacation in outer space


spacemart - small supermarket on a outer space cruiser or ship


spoilers – comments by critics, book reviewers, friends, co-workers,

neighbors, family members etc about the surprises, twists and turns,

ending etc. of a novel or movie that ruin the delight of discovering them for yourself


SSSA – Senior Security Systems Analyst – person who knows the security

electronics and computer systems inside and out. Monitors them and

prevents, traces and solves breaches, intrusions, system hijackings, malware

and other threats to the system or the ship, passengers and crew


stat – short for latin statim – immediately


STD’s – sexually transmitted diseases


subjugated – taken over control, authority or rule of


succinctly – brief and to the point


SUNY – State University of New York


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – word and song from the Disney movie

Mary Poppins


Survivor – Reality TV show created in 1992 and first run in the USA in 2000 by CBS


syntax – the precise, exact spelling and grammar and structure of computer

code without any errors so the computer can run the command. Commands

with syntax errors cannot be computed


takes you out – kills you


tape out – test, discover, calculate and make a record of, for future use


TDT – unofficial, humorous diagnostic label of bitchy or troublesome people –

 Tasmanian devil temperament


techgeek – a person who is fanatical and knowledgeable about technical and

electronic gadgets


texted – past tense of text. To send a message electronically between digital

devices such as computers, cell phones and PDAs. The message traditionally

only includes or uses text without any multimedia graphics, pictures, video

or audio. Used for fast, brief, inexpensive communication directly to the person


tingings – the crisp, ringing sounds of a steel drum


toss – jettison them out into the vacuum of space, to their instant death,

the modern version of making someone walk the plank


transducers – electromechanical devices that convert electrical signals or

impulses into mechanical movements or forces


trepidation – worry, dread, apprehension


ulterior – hidden intentionally so as to deceive


undue - inappropriate or unjustified


Uridium was first used as a made up name for a computer game for the

Commodore 64 personal computer in 1986


virtual engine – a computer program that allows a program made to run

on one type of computer or operating system, to run on another type.

It creates a virtual computer of the original type on the other computer


V-J Day- August 15, 1945, the day on which the Allies announced the

surrender of Japanese forces during World War II


VR – virtual reality


volatile – computer memory that loses the data as soon as the power

 running the device is turned off


WBCL – Women’s book club list


weaselbob – a varmint on Mars that looks like a cross between a

 weasel and a bobcat


zettabyte – a huge number- a one with 21 zeros after it. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


/ - the forward slash is sometimes used in computer syntax to designate a

subcategory; syntax – proper structure or grammar of computer code


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