The Ecstasy Ship and Saturn
A Tour De Force! A Legendary Masterpiece!
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Get ready for the adventure of your life with the debut novel by Norman John.

All aboard on one of the first Space Cruiseships of Earth.

Brace yourself for your first cruise to Saturn with stops at Mars and Jupiter.

Have the time of your life... until something goes terribly wrong.

Put your fate in the hands of Captain Philip Sherwood, his sultry wife Trish and a crew out of this world.

Norman John

Packed with adventure, humor, mystery, romance, action, suspense and... ecstasy.

To call it a coming Blockbuster is to miss the point.

The Ecstasy is on pace to be the next Planetbuster.

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"The Ecstasy is going to blow Titanic so far out of the water they'll probably find it beached in the middle of the Sahara."
- Norman John - Author of The Ecstasy


“The work’s length, scope and detail are impressive‚Ķ “Julie, your Cruise Director” mates with Barbarella, in more ways than one.” -Kirkus Reviews

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New - Announcing the light version of The Ecstasy!

Captain Sherwood - Sailing To Saturn

CSSTS is a rewrite of The Ecstasy edited to appeal to the more general reader audience. The romantic scenes containing sexual activity were edited to remove explicit content and CSST has milder profanity.

Now available in the kindle format on!

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