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Disclaimer- Be prepared to live it.™ and Get it. Live it.™ are Trademarks of The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Company. They are a figure of speech.
The Ecstasy and Get it. Live it. are Trademarks of The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Company.

They do not imply, promise or guarantee that the purchaser of the novel The Ecstasywill go or be on or recieve a ticket for a real cruise on a space cruise ship.

As a figure of speech they are meant to express the idea that the story was written in a manner that the reader may start to vividly imgaine they are living the story, through their vivid imagination.

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The information is provided to assist current and potential readers of The Ecstasy in understanding the novel and its development.

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Expanded Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. Its main purpose is for entertainment and fantasy.

Its main agenda is to provide the author and readers an awesome experience through the power of the author's writing and the reader's imagination, they probably won't be able to experience in their own life in this lifetime. This story is a Sci-Fi adventure, suspense, action, satire, erotica fiction novel. The characters that smoke in the novel or that are promiscuous are imaginary characters that can't get lung cancer, emphysema, or an unwanted pregnancy or STDs. The author does not condone those activities in real life where people can actually get lung cancer, emphysema, unwanted pregnancies or STDs... or lovers or spouses can become destructively jealous.

The opinions of the characters are possibly similar to the opinions of types of real people a person could meet in life but not necessarily and it should not be assumed they are the opinions of the author or any professions or companies mentioned. Any political, religious or philosophical opinions expressed are not the opinions of companies or professions mentions and many of them are not the author's. Any mention of real life facts about people, organizations, countries, religions or companies etc. are included for sake of realism and not to imply any accurate knowledge about those subjects or entities. Please remember it is a work of fiction and fantasy.

Scenes of a sexual or violent nature are described in raw, non-euphemistic, explicit language typical of the vernacular of common people. The author believes that most people don't experience and understand life using euphemisms or in terms used and required by scholars and professionals in the medical, mental health or social science fields and so to express real life experiences through the art of writing, the author should have the right to say what people really think during and after an experience.

The author feels the practice of using euphemisms should be voluntary and by choice, not by enforcement of censorship legislation created by legislators who may have a biased, prudish or puritanical preference based on their particular religion or upbringing which may not reflect that of other Americans or other readers worldwide.

The author feels writers and readers have a God given right to share their thoughts, opinions and true life experiences uncensored, in both non-fiction and fiction platforms and that it should not be stifled by other more sensitive or ignorant people, even if they have earned themselves, through means often questionable, a position of high authority in government and law.

The author does not agree that adults must ignore or have amnesia about teen sexual experiences whether the experiences are their own or those of other adults or teens. They should be allowed to communicate about their own and others with adults and teens without threat of being accused of corruption of minors, when in fact they are simply sharing their own experiences and feelings about them and are not in fact trying to corrupt or seduce minors and are in fact only trying to reach a better understanding of the complexities, difficulties and joys of sex, with each other. To prohibit such communication and sharing of ideas, feelings, beliefs and experiences with others of all ages is to enforce unjustified and dangerous, harmful stupidity and ignorance amongst Americans and all of mankind wherever such enforcement is practiced. No so-called experts in law, government or mental health have a right to enforce ignorance, stupidity, segregation and isolation on a population and cutting off their communication with one another.

Writing and speaking are methods of sharing thoughts people sometimes have and to outlaw the writing or speaking of such ideas is the outlawing of thoughts. The author does not believe any government has the right to make certain types of thinking or thoughts or fantasies or dreams illegal. People do not have control of what thoughts enter their mind and the media, other people such as neighbors, strangers, business people, employers, and educators have much to do with what a person thinks any given day.

The author emphatically believes in and supports the human right to free thinking and communication and sharing and expressing of those thoughts, without threat of punishment for doing so. Authors in a supposedly "Free Country" (Land of the Free and Home of the Brave) should not need to submit or succumb to the biased, prejudiced and selfish demands of phony, pious "Professional Appalled People" who have powerful positions as commentators in big media companies or other Opinion Leader positions, when these people intend to destroy people they are afraid are too aware of what they or other people in power that pay their paycheck, are doing. These people, self proclaimed morality experts and models of virtue, make a living pretending to be horrifyingly appalled at things others do, when in most cases, behind closed doors, they could care less and probably are doing actions as bad or much worse, themselves or indirectly through their investments, donations and business and political affiliations. This is not to disparage genuinely appalled people, just the phonies who exploit the power of, and their connections with, the media and the ignorance of the public to ruin people that aren't affiliated with their religion or political party through unfair character assassination.

The author fully supports the First Amendment rights of freedom of religion, speech and press. The author also fully supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You should too. If you as the reader are easily offended by graphic descriptions of sex or violence or vulgarity you should not read this book. But, just as the author respects your right to be warned of graphic content that may be found offensive or disturbing by some, the author respects the right of writers and readers to choose to read such literature should they choose to do so. There's a saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." You don't rant to the Chef to turn off the oven and close the kitchen and restaurant. You leave. So if you are easily offended by explicit descriptions of sex and violence or vulgarity, do not read this novel. And don't waste our time and taxpayers' money ranting to law makers that the rest of us shouldn't be allow to read such material. Truth be told, words only have the meaning we each give them.

A word could have more than 20 different definitions and it's up to the reader to choose the meaning they want or feel is relevant or applicable in a particular sentence. If a word has a strong, disturbing effect on you, it might not on others and is due to something that happened to you earlier in your life when you experienced pain and unconsciousness and that word was spoken in your vicinity. Often it is a result of an incident of an injury, beating or illness.

The author does not condone people using guns to kill, wound, maim or enslave innocent or unarmed people. The author supports the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Trademarks such as Star Trek, General Electric, Westinghouse, Raytheon, MIT, The Netherlands Steamship Company, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed, Scientology etc. are the property of their respective owners.

The opinions expresses by characters in this novel are entirely those of the author, for the sake of fiction storytelling, and are not necessarily representative of the author's own opinions. None of the corporations or experts of professions mentioned in The Ecstasy have collaborated in the writing of this novel. None of them have reviewed or approved it. None of them have shared their opinions on the matters discussed, in the making of this novel.

The descriptions and effects of nutritional products have been embellished and exaggerated or made up for the sake of humor and satire and fictional story telling. The author does not make any claims about the true or actual benefits of any nutritional products mentioned. The reader should always refer to the official websites of the manufacturers for accurate descriptions and benefits. It would also probably be well advised to consult a physician before doing something as foolish as trying the concoction described in The Ecstasy.

The depiction of U.S. Marines is a product of the author's imagination and fantasy and is under no circumstances meant to portray an authentic representation of real U.S. Marines or the staff of the U.S. Departments of Defense. The Ecstasy is a trademark of The Maroon Lagoon Marketing Company.

The Ecstasy contains mature material including explicit sex, violence and vulgarity and may not be suitable for children and young adults or people easily offended or upset by such content. Click here for more information.

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